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closely we're falling through time...

it takes a great big man to win a great big fight.

The Don McLean Community
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Don McLean is mostly famous for his epic eight-and-a-half minute song American Pie, and his follow-up single Vincent. But there are many more great songs that he wrote or sang...

This is a community to post Don McLean lyrics, share information or ask questions about Don or his influences, share concert reviews/information, or just generally converse about him. We all know he's amazing, that he's very much a lyrical genius, but just in case, feel free to announce this frequently!

I doubt I need rules for this community.
However, if you continually get on my or anyone else in the community's nerves, you will be banned.

for a cute little Don-related site, go to http://www.cmgworldwide.com/music/mclean/.

Don McLean was inducted into the National Songwriters' Hall of Fame on June 10th at Radio City, NY. Congratulations! Well deserved...

dysprosium deserves loads of love for making these beautiful banners! [promote if you wish!]

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ohyes, and your moderator is tengo_ritmo.