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some good news!!!

Taken from Don's official website...

A few updates provided by Don McLean.

Don McLean is working on his new studio album and this may be available by the end of the year. He is also planning to produce "Solo: Version 2". The original, and much loved, Solo album was released in 1976 and included material recorded in concert in 1975 in the UK. Nine shows were taped in their entirety and a second version of the 'Solo' album could be put together soon.

The video, "The Voice The Music The Concert" released in 1993 is being transferred to DVD for release alongside an album of rarities being compiled by Joel Dorn.

The new publication date for the Official Biography is January 2006. This is a firm and realistic date and reflects the time consuming processes involved in converting a completed manuscript to a finished book that is ready for public sale. The book will include over 30 previously unreleased photographs from Don McLean's private collection.

We regularly have fans enquiring about whether rumours of a British tour are true. Such rumours seem to be in constant circulation. There is NO British tour booked at present. However, it would not be surprising if a British promoter came forward given that Don is performing concerts in Ireland in August. As soon as any news of a British tour is available it will be published here first. At present, there is none.
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