May 20th, 2005



Hi, in case you didn't know, this is your moderator, wolf_tones.

Anyway, this is yoinked from Don's official site:

New CD & DVD - posted Wednesday, May 18, 2005 at 09:39

Don McLean's new CD and DVD will be released by Hyena Records in August/September 2005. This will be a 35-year career retrospective featuring previously unreleased concert and studio recordings, "in a league with the Solo album and my greatest recordings of the 1970s," says Don. The DVD will include Don McLean rehearsing at home with the Jordanaires and his band in 1984. Also featured will be the rare Headroom video, produced in 1990. The material for this package has been assembled by Joel Dorn, who produced Don's 1974 album Homeless Brother.

Right now Don is recording a studio album of new songs and his Western Album, released in 2003, is being played widely on radio in a number of countries.

In August/September Don will be touring overseas in Denmark (his third time in concert there), Scotland, Isle of Man, Northern Ireland and Ireland. Aside from the Irish tour, these are one-night bookings and there are no plans to embark on a full UK or Europe concert tour at that time. Even so his visit to Europe will last for nearly two weeks.